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"Just a quick note to say what a great site you've produced. Well done, I'm really enjoying it. I am also fascinated with what makes some shots 'GoddessNudes' rather than Domai.. with the delicious Flori it is very obvious, with others such as Nadin, not so much, but that makes me think and study the photos more. It is a wonderful addition to Domai, and I look forward to the updates. Cheers" - Simon

"I have been enjoying GoddessNudes for several weeks now. I am very pleased to say thank you. [...] The energy coming off these pages is a tonic. The whole package wonderful. Just renews my sense that something is right in the universe." -- Jonathan

"Love the new site, very cool." - Joe G


Updates normally five times a week, but it has sometimes been even more.
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"Just to say again, thank you for the new site. At first I was a bit critical - why do we need it? But now I want to say thank you for the quality, variety and explicit fun of this site. I think it preserves the same qualities of innocence and naturalness combined with artistically unbeatable photography as in Domai. [...] Go for it Eolake, Kitties are good for you - and us!" - Norm


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I appreciate both of your sites. You are indeed filling a niche that in my opinion was empty before. Thank you for celebrating the beauty of real women." - Laura

"I enjoy Goddess Nudes. I like the choice of "screen" or "print" sized pictures. I've been a Domai subscriber for years now, and I'm happy to add Goddess Nudes to the list." - Peter

"I do not often email people, but this time I'll do.
I am glad I joined GoddessNudes.com .
Very beautiful girls, perfect pussies, beautifully photographed.
You have a good taste ! Indeed the same as Domai, but more Naughty !!
I indeed do not need any other subscriptions of other sites. Better as this one I did not see yet !" --

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"Most gracious thanks for building and offering such a great site! This site of yours is 10 out of 10, you have a great sense of class and taste in your model choices! Elegantly explicit is just the perfect combination. Kind Regards," - Yuka

"I must say you have outdone yourself this time and I really like it. You can see the finer points in life now and no, this is not porn this is the real thing.  Thank you for your fantastic website." - Gregory

"Hi Eolake
Not all of the models appeal to me, but those that do are simply breathtaking. This site is a spectacular additon to the whole Domai web "presence". You are to be congratulated. I was thrilled to also see some old favourites from past years turning up in even more stunning photos. Thanks, Eolake," - David

"Awesome new site, and seeing Clelia on there was a dream come true. She's one of the most gorgeous women I'm ever seen. Thanks very much for two classy websites." - Bill

"I've been a member of Domai.com for the past four or five years now and truely enjoy the site. I was also quick to join the new site, goddessnudes.com, as soon as I became aware of it and have found it to be of the same high quality as domai.com. The only thing I've been a littly unhappy with is the ability to renew my subscription on an annual basis." - Mike JM
[We have added that now, Mike!]

"Thank you, thank you, Eolake; you've surpassed yourself.
Domai... great -- Goddessnudes... Incredible.
God's gift of woman in all her diverse beauty and glory is your gift in these images." - Ken

"Thank you for showing the whole woman now, in all of her beautiful glory and intimacy!" - Jeff


"I just recently subscribed to your new "goddess nudes" site after being a member of the Domai site for several years. I must say the models look really good..." - Ray P

"I am member of both Domai.com and GoddessNudes.com, and I really like them. But I've been forced to cancel both memberships, since I've just been fired from work. A very poor Christmas present that was!
It seems I can get my money refunded from you for any reason, is that right?
I want to thank you for both sites, both of them are wonderful. I've used them a lot, and I will return as soon as I have work again, count on it. It has been the highlight of my day to check either site, and if my mood has been low one day, I could count on my smile returning after a visit here. Thanks, man." - Henrik

I refunded Henrik's money of course, since I promise I'll do that no matter for what reason. And also since it was just before Christmas, I decided to let both memberships stand active until February, to help Henrik keep the spirits up until the light starts to return. - Eolake, founder/webmaster