Letters to GoddessNudes

I'm not ashamed to admit my interest in looking at pictures of beautiful naked women is more than aesthetic. So I was glad to be notified about your new web site, GoddessNudes. I took a look and subscribed immediately. While I don't enjoy "hard core" pornography (and spend no money at web sites that feature it), I do enjoy the slightly more explicit material you provide on GoddessNudes. Thanks for offering this new site.

I've been an artist for decades and often painted using live nude models so I know what it's like to look at a naked woman without sexual interest - or at least with my sexual interest tamped down - in order to appreciate the subject and render an interesting drawing or painting - or photograph (not to mention to avoid freaking out the models - they can sense overt prurient interest and are generally put off by it).

Painting nudes (and photographing them) is a sensual experience as well as an aesthetic one. In my opinion an aesthetic without a sensual element is hollow at best. This goes for appreciating beauty in any of its innumerable manifestations, whether looking at flowers, mountains, architecture or even abstract art forms. Indeed, I will go so far as to say that the sensual element is what separates a good photograph from a snapshot, for instance. A photograph can be perfectly composed and expertly exposed and still be sterile. It is the sensual vision that breaths life into an image - and stimulates a visceral response from viewers.

Where am I going with this? Well, it doesn't take much for sensuality to become erotic. There is no clear line dividing the two feelings in human experience. Thus I see the erotic GoddessNudes as a natural evolution of the Simple Nudes of DOMAI. Since you like to explore the ideas behind your work, I expect you are in the process of developing a philosophy for GoddessNudes as you did for DOMAI. So I'm taking this opportunity to offer a few of my thoughts on the subject, to get in on the ground floor as it were.


Dear Eolake,
I'm a long time Domai customer...I have had accounts at 3 different times, as finances have allowed. I've been very impressed with the service you've offered at Domai over the years.
I do have to say though that I'm equally impressed so far with Goddessnudes and I really liked the Alexandra set that you posted this morning...SO few of those sort of pictures are taken this tastefully and well, and I like it! I would like to see more and I'm glad to see familiar forms from Domai on the new site also...

As for what I liked about the Alexandra set... she seems fun and interesting and I like that she sticks her tongue out and what not. I've honestly never seen the sort of set where there's a girl touching herself and it looks good and blends in well with a cool set. Most of the time...well...let's just say one of the reasons that I love Domai and now GN is because I like naked women...women in general, really...and I detest porn. I hate porn, porn sucks most of the time. I've been around the world a little bit (served in the US air force) and seen a lot of things...and a lot of beautiful women...and I've never seen porn do them justice. Domai whether it's erotica or whatever you wanna call it...it's artistic and I like it.
Anyway, just thought I'd weigh in with my opinion about both sites while I'm at it.


... you COULD of course make a fully "sexual" site, one that's not a balanced combination of "less explicit and more explicit". But this is not it yet. I mean, it's not really a sexual site, it's only more revealing with poses that remain most natural and relaxed. So far, I have yet to spot a single model using her hands to open up her vulva for deliberately sexual display. So far, the standards of GN are that "all which you see, you would see naturally if you were present with these girls and they innocently lived nude and carefree, and nobody was trying to have sex or sollicit you". Nobody is trying to FEAR sex either. It's just not in the "here and now". Like the girls are saying "we are complete persons, with a face, a body, a beauty, and a sexuality, and we openly and happily are all this together at once".

Not that I (would) mind the least bit to view a site of really tasteful porno. (Im still hoping to DISCOVER such a rare animal.) But this is not it. It's not the goal. GN "is its own site", just like Domai was and remains. It's revealing, but it's not sexual per se, because it's not trying to be. Neither is it trying to be "artistic", or erotica, or the asexual friskiness of "strictly family-friendly nudism". It mocks genre classifications. "Innocent, happy, beautiful, naked women", like Domai, only less shy. No, "shy" is not the world. Less "cautious" about the sexual component of natural innocent women, yes, this is more adequately expressed. Shyness is in the eye of the beholder. Namely here, today's Society. Society is shy, or provocative. The models here care to be neither. And this, my friends, is what I call true innocence.

I predict a big success for GN in the near future. Today you've got the experience to make it optimally from the very start, instead of "learning as you go" with your visual taste as your only trump card.


First, I like the idea of GoddessNudes. You're correct in regards to the quality and "quality" of the more explicit material out there.

In large part I think it is a hang-over from the (long) period during which only "art" nudes were acceptable, and more explicit pictures were all shot "quick & dirty" for the so-feared "prurient interest" (without which few of us would exist!

Looking at the older images similar to the ones you have from the 40's-50's and the earlier "French postcards," most of them have more than a bit of fun in them, as do the majority of those you've put on Domai. This is very difficult to find amongst the 100's of millions of images out there. (I find it interesting that the vast majority of porn sites which come up on a search, don't seem to actually own any content--they mostly seem to exist to collect referral fees to sites with contact. My rough estimate would be only about 10% of porn sites have actual original content...most of which is shot by photographers who seem to have almost no 'eye.')

... I realize that your only control over such things is whether you purchase a set and how much you pay, but merely with those tools, you have almost single-handedly added a very nice and refreshing sub-genre to the nude image in a relatively short time (just looking at the earlier sets from Domai.com, when it was obvious that you were buying the images closest to your views, that many of them were not very close to what you really were searching for, but were what you could find.)

I expect that the GoddessNudes site can do something similar for the explicit image sub-genre.

Heck, perhaps even a similar change in the pornography market too (face it, sex is FUN--and often funny. But most images are neither, and in fact, given the poses used, they're even less natural than those used by many of the "artistic" nudes..obviously it doesn't seem to affect how things sell, but who would know? There's little else on the market. What little I've seen which comes close to being fun is mostly lesbian. (Increasing the production values in that market couldn't hurt either...in particular the audio quality is on par with most of the dialogue.) (One of my favorite porn movies from the 70's is "The First Nudie Musical," largely because the concept was fresh and there is actually a story line--and it's a comedy, not just an excuse to show sex.)

... Keep up the good work (and your standards!)

Thank you,

So, some feedback!

The site was is a little sparse at first, but I like the content that you've added, especially the testamonials and your comments about your reasons for making it.

The sets seem aimed at people who aren't necessarily DOMAI members, including some less-explicit content as well as more-explicit, whereas if you were aiming for it to be just an add-on to DOMAI, it might make sense to have purely more-explicit content. But (a) I think it makes sense to have it work as a stand-alone; (b) I think it's more in keeping with the "fun and pretty" spirit not to have sets that are just forty pictures of pussy, pussy, pussy, and pussy.

So assuming that's your goal, the pictures in the sets are a good combination of less-explicit, casual and natural but more explicit, and more overtly sexual (e.g. overtly provocative poses).

I like the site a lot! And plan to remain a member. Will send along other comments if I think of any.


Being a fellow admirer of the female form in all Her variety and naturally exquisite beauty, I was most upset and disappointed to see there is a stigma attached to how a women's vulva or labia 'should' look; that some women (perhaps due to contrived perceptions in the porn industry) are insecure about their protruding labia (relative to other women) and feel embarrassed in front of their sexual partners. I obviously can't speak on behalf of women--and perhaps am not representative of all men--but nonetheless feel I should stand up and state that I have personally never perceived this to be unattractive in a woman and I'm sure that many (if not most) men feel the same way. Not that a woman need have her beauty in any way validated by the opinions of a man, but I must honestly say I do not consider a protruding labia as aesthetically displeasing. When I look at a women, what I see is Her radiant personality infusing Her total form from head to toe and refracting this profound relationship upon each feminine curve or physical expression (including her protruding labia should this be the case). Just like personalities, people's bodies come in delightfully different shapes and sizes and (in the case of women) so do their breasts, vulvae or labia. I believe that part of the great beauty of women IS in their personal differences, whilst I equally appreciate their similarities.

I'm not sure if this email is going to be read by others, but if there are any women out there who feel embarrassed by the shape, shade or personal attributes of their bodies, please take comfort in the fact that there are, without a doubt, many men and fellow women who would rejoice in the beauty of who you naturally ARE; and unless there is a medical reason pertaining to health, please don't be swayed by the financially-lucrative hype surrounding the notion of that 'perfect body'--the standard of which can usually be traced back to faulted perceptions within the porn or consumer industry. When you are genuinely centered in your natural and naked truth, you are as a gift to yourself and to all you might choose to share this presence with. If it is the opposite sex you are concerned about--and hopefully they are men/women of psychological maturity--then know there is no need to conform to pre-pubescent standards or to geometrically-manufacture yourself in order to appear 'perfect'. Just continue to blossom in the person and body you ARE.

A concluding note to my fellow men out there, as well as to myself: the next time you have the privilege and pleasure to be in the naked presence of your gorgeous wife, girlfriend or lover, please take time out to tell her how beautiful she is... in EVERY way. Reinforce her natural confidence, be sensitive to her potential fears and insecurities, and be tactful in your compliments.

Sincerely, and with kind regards,
David (South Africa)


god·dess (god'is)
1. A female being of supernatural powers, worshiped by a people.
2. An image of a female supernatural being; an idol.
3. A woman of great beauty or grace.